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There is planned to add an implementation of other AI algorithm in the next releases the F# AI library

If you are concerned about concrete AI algorithm, do not hesitate to let me know about that in the discussion.

New release of F# AI library (

This release adds new algorithm - the Turing machine. See release notes here.
Consuming library in other programming languages is now described in Documentation.

About F# Artificial Intelligence library

This library contains an implementations of following algorithms in F# programming language:
  • Differential Evolution
  • Turing machine


  • fast and effective (thanks to using F#)
  • provides an easy way how to specify the cost function which has to be optimized
  • can be used in a script running by F# Interactive or can be integrated as a part of complex project
  • can be consumed by different programming languages

Project Description

The F# Artificial Intelligence library can be used in various ways e.g.
  • directly as a .fsx Script file (using F# Interactive)
  • as an integrated part of other projects written in any programming language supported by Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET Framework

The library is dependent on the RandomOps library which implements the Ran2 algorithm. The RandomOps source-code is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License and can be found here.

Getting started with the F# Artificial Intelligence library

See the Documentation.

More information

and articles about evolutionary algorithms and F# language can be found at

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